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Welcome to Digital Ventures Media

Cross-Device Digital Advertising

A Whole New World

  • Websites have far more reach than printed newspapers or magazines.
  • Search engines have made the phonebook completely obsolete.
  • Podcasts and streaming music are substituting terrestrial radio.
  • Online video is replacing broadcast television.
  • Digital out-of-home video is becoming the new out-of-home billboard.
  • Social networks have reshaped the way people interact.

Pull and Push Marketing

It is easy to get lost in the shuffle focusing everything on people searching for your products or services. But there are so many other means to attract your future customers. Instead of waiting for your customers to search for you, we search for potential customers and bring them to you. The critical notion is: Who is your audience and how do you get their attention?

Programmatic Targeting

Traditional campaign targeting is placement-oriented. The underlying idea was that the same kind of people consume the same kind of media. However, this approach is outdated and inefficient and Digital Ventures Media does more. We focus on people and target groups of people rather than just media properties because we know this is what advertisers are ultimately looking for.