Pick your placements

Digital Ventures Media supports all major digital advertising platforms with custom integration to help your advertising dollars go further. Across all of our clients' campaigns, we leverage unique data insights to ensure your marketing performance is maximized. Here’s a breakdown of the major platforms we work with and their benefits.


As the largest and most widely used advertising networking in the world, Google AdWords is a critical component to nearly every digital marketing campaign. Digital Ventures Media has built proprietary algorithms to help maximize your budgets and get the best performance. When combined with our industry experience in determining relevant audiences and keywords, we help build long-lasting, measurable campaigns that provide a great return on your investment.


With over 1 billion active users, YouTube is the largest video social network in the world. Engagement metrics on video are growing with an ever expanding audience, Video is a critical component to any holistic marketing campaign. Digital Ventures Media has a fully integrated solution to provide customer insights and engagement metrics to help maximize your campaign performance.


Facebook’s Social Advertising platform offers a wide array of targeting and retargeting options so you can show your ads to a narrowly defined audience – including demographics, location, behaviors, lookalike audiences and interests. With over 1.74 billion daily users, there is ample opportunity to find your relevant target audience to maximize your return on advertising spend (ROAS). We help manage and optimize your advertising while you own the content and client interaction.


As one of the fastest growing social networks with over 800 million daily active users, Instagram’s visual audience is a highly valuable medium for measurable advertising. Combined with a Facebook strategy we can help deliver your ads to the right audience in an efficient and cost-effective approach.


With over 330 million active users, Twitter offers a unique platform to reach your audience. From promoted tweets (short, simple messaging) to Promoted Accounts and Trends, we can target users’ interests that align with your marketing goals.


One of the fastest growing engagement networks with over 187 million daily active users, Snapchat offers geographic, demographic and audience targeting across its platform. We can help build a campaign that engages your cross-platform audience to help maximize your reach.


Streaming audio is a very effective, measurable marketing tactic allowing for highly targeted audiences across geography and demographics. We offer audio, video and display advertising on Spotify - the largest streaming radio audience with over 159 million active users


An audience with a single, non-skippable advertisement ensures great interaction and engagement. We offer audio, video and display advertising on Pandora which has over 78 million active users.

Apps & Games

Digital Ventures Media’s roots began in mobile advertising. Our co-founders began working in mobile advertising before smartphones were even invented. We understand the landscape and can help maximize this critical advertising solution. Did you know that over 50% of all users are on mobile devices? We are integrated across a spectrum of mobile advertising exchanges so can help drive performance and awareness of your products or services.


Digital Ventures Media is integrated with a wide array of display advertising exchanges that allow us to access premium inventory on publisher web sites. Our proprietary algorithm allows us to optimize your campaign against your advertising goals ensuring your targeting the right audience and getting the maximum return on your investment.