Audio Advertising

Digital audio advertising is one of the fastest growing channels in digital advertising.

Target contextually relevant, engaged users listening to music and podcasts.

Audio Ads in Audio Apps

Digital audio ads take to a new level. Incorporating targeted ads, based on demographics of our listeners, allows us to precisely place audio ads in front of relevant, engaged users. Take the next step beyond radio to a more personal and exclusive experience through measurable, performance-based audio advertising.

Banner Ads in Audio Apps

Capture the benefit of audio and display at the same time. We can provide a companion banner ad that displays while your audio ad plays on a device to drive interested users directly to your website.

Radio and Music Apps

Most people listen to music on their mobile devices. Ad-supported apps like Spotify, Pandora, or TuneIn Radio are great spots to capture your audience. On music apps your audio spot will be played between songs while a display companion ad will be shown to the user. In streaming audio apps your audio spot will be played when a user begins to stream a new station. Your banner display ad can be shown at any time.

Podcasts and Audio Books

With over 67 million Americans listening on a monthly basis, and growing exponentially, podcasts and audio books provide a large loyal audience with high engagement. We dynamically place audio ads before a specific podcast or audio book (targeting users based on location and demographics). Create personalized audio ads delivered to an engaged, loyal audience.