Display Advertising

We can provide a personalized strategy for your display advertising activities.

We can identify target audiences as well as relevant publishers.

Digital Ventures Media can also support you with creative design.

Banner Ads

Digital Ventures Media enables you to generate global reach in all relevant placement categories through the standard banner formats ads of the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB). Your display ads will be appearing on websites and within mobile applications.

Text Ads

Expandable text ads are easy to launch because they do not require any graphic design. The layout of a text ad is adjusted dynamically according to the parameters of the ad slot and the user viewing it. The use of text ads is highly successful in text-heavy advertising spaces such as discussion forums, chats, and references such as encyclopedias.

Native Ads

Native ads allow you to promote your products or services in the same format as the layout of the content around the ad. That way your message will not look like an ad. Engagement rates are high. Native ads consist of a combination of texts and images. They work best on social media or news placements.