Search Engine Marketing

The most influential touch point is providing an answer to an end user’s question.

Initial customer engagement is critical in developing the relationship between the advertiser and the consumer.

Your Benefits of Search Engine Marketing

  • highest relevancy of ad to user
  • high speed to market
  • highly measurable and trackable performance
  • builds brand awareness and interest
  • usually generates the highest return on investment

Our Principles for Paid Search Campaigns

  • understand the correlation between keywords, ads, targeting, and budget
  • craft your message to give the user what they are looking for
  • provide an intuitive user flow
  • deliver a clear call to action
  • measure and optimize based on data

Our Google Certified AdWords Professionals focus on tactics to optimize your spend:

  • Keyword Selection
  • Dynamic Content
  • Ad Copy
  • Visibility
  • Ad Extensions
  • Keyword Match Types
  • Negative Keywords
  • Deep Linking