Video Advertising

Video is the most consumed type of content on the internet.

Video ads create a higher level of trust than other formats of digital advertising.


YouTube is the world’s largest video platform. It’s the digital and on-demand counter piece to television. What used to be free ad-funded broadcast television is now YouTube. Digital Ventures Media can promote your products and services on the YouTube website and apps as well as on third-party placements where YouTube videos are incorporated.

Facebook and Instagram

Digital Ventures Media can also place your video ads in the news feed or timeline of Facebook and Instagram users. Those users are almost exclusively on mobile devices. They provide an additional audience to YouTube’s binge watchers with significantly higher click-through rates. Consumers of social media are curious about news that are relevant to them. Precise audience targeting will produce impressive engagement in video ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Mobile Video

Our publisher network includes thousands of mobile apps, games, and websites. Your videos will appear at the start of an app, after the completion of a level in a game, or embedded in the content of a website. This broad inventory of placements gives you access to a wide range of audiences and interests. Due to our direct publisher integrations, prices on our mobile video network are often below market average making it the perfect alternative for campaigns with limited budgets.