Our Solutions

Digital Ventures Media has significant experience in digital automotive marketing. We have promoted national brands as well as local car dealerships. We are able to generate awareness on all digital media channels and boost you to the top of search engines.

We understand the transactional nature of car sales. Potential customers are mostly interested in vehicles, not just the dealership. We are integrated with various content management systems like DealerOn. That way we can promote your entire inventory of vehicles with product-specific ads for display, search engines, and social media.

Search Engine Marketing

Digital Venture Media is focused on providing the most relevant, dynamic advertising to your potential customers. We build dynamic search ads that pull in relevant information directly from your web site (including DealerOn built sites) into real-time ads creating highly relevant, accurate ads to capture your future customers.

Social Media Advertising

Auto dealership service components are critical to building consumer confidence. Targeting currently engaged customers through social channels and showing on-going engagement is a critical path to increasing customer referrals and capturing repeat business. Digital Ventures Media helps re-surface customers emphasizing engagement metrics to further develop your critical Social presence.

Display Advertising

Digital Venture Media's proprietary platform can build a custom campaign using your current web site inventory to build dynamic ads that are delivered in real-time across a wide array of premium auto vertical web sites. This solution engages customers with your current, relevant inventory ensuring a better conversion and ROI for your ad spend.

Video Advertising

Video continues to be one of the strongest digital consumer engagement tactics. Leveraging TV ads across auto digital channels engages all age groups and potential clients. Digital video is also proven to be almost twice more engaging than TV (and more cost effective). Digital Ventures Media captures users that engage with video and retargets them across display.